Philosophy - power transmission and customer service

Your electric motor is our drive, sustainability and environmental protection our goal

Top quality and permanently satisfied customers
with first-class electric motors – that is the least we aspire to. We give our all for this every day.

International focus with regional grounding
As a medium-sized company, we use the advantages of a hardworking and technology-oriented region to serve our customers worldwide.

Strong together
Time and again, a team of 50 competent and highly motivated employees develops stunningly useful solutions.

Standing still is the same as going backwards
Constant development of our ability and expansion of our systems with the latest technology are essential for us.

There is no such word as can’t
We see every drive and installation situation as a personal challenge, which drives us to develop the optimum electric motor.

Experience and inventive talent
produce a broad bandwidth of motor variants and types as well as huge flexibility, with which we respond to customer needs.

We adapt to every customer
Whether it is a company that wants several hundred or several thousand electric motors or the tinkerer who needs one specific motor – we think through every situation and develop, design and build what the customer needs.

A contribution to the conservation of our world
Environmental protection and high-tech as a symbiosis for sustainable drive concepts and energy production – this future has long been a reality for us. Repairs and the spare parts service form part of our sustainability strategy.

We provide training: a cutting machine operator