Schwarz at the eCar-Tec 2015 - big success

We first presented the Mazda MX5 converted to a fully functional electric car. Also our currently strongest electric motor for conversion the Porsche 911 to an electric car. 

Our electric motors are designed especially for electric mobility: 
• Low-voltage (24 – 144 V) and high-voltage technology (200 – 900 V): always the right motor!
• In air-cooled and water-cooled versions.
• Can be attached directly to the gearboxes of the respective vehicle types.
• For vehicle types from small vehicles through classic cars to large vehicles. The range is constantly being expanded.
• The modular design allows rapid adaptation to new vehicle models.
• Performances up to 140 kW and 400 Nm possible.
• Also for agriculture and forestry.

Enjoy the advantages of e-mobility:
- Environmentally friendly mode of transport
- Zero emissions
- No fine dust pollution
- Comfortable, smooth ride
- Quiet mode of transport (no engine noise)

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