Employees honored for 10 years of service

Ms. ‎Bärbel Feulner‬ ( Deputy General Manager) and Mr. ‪‎Markus Wecke‬-Emden have been honored for 10 years of service from Markus Schwarz.

Schwarz at the CeMat Hannover 2016

Schwarz at the CeMat Hannover 2016 - some pictures.                                                                                            .

Schwarz at the Logimat 2016

We presented our newest e-motor developments - big success!!                                                                         .

2 new e-motors for Formula Student

Schwarz is sponoring Team Hofspannung with 2 new powerful electriv motors. The students enter the European contest "Formula Stdent" with their self developped race car.

Racing days at the sps ipc drives Nuremberg 2015

The Schwarz-booth became a „Schwarz-Motodrom“: The visitors could experience on the big Carrera-Racetrack what we are building in reality: Electric motors for nearly all vehicles as cars, industrial trucks, snowmobiles or boats and so on.

Schwarz at the eCar-Tec 2015 - big success

We first presented the Mazda MX5 converted to a fully functional electric car. Also our currently strongest electric motor for conversion the Porsche 911 to an electric car. 

Our electric motors are designed especially for electric mobility: 
• Low-voltage (24 – 144 V) and high-voltage technology (200 – 900 V): always the right motor!
• In air-cooled and water-cooled versions.
• Can be attached directly to the gearboxes of the respective vehicle types.
• For vehicle types from small vehicles through classic cars to large vehicles. The range is constantly being expanded.
• The modular design allows rapid adaptation to new vehicle models.
• Performances up to 140 kW and 400 Nm possible.
• Also for agriculture and forestry.

Enjoy the advantages of e-mobility:
- Environmentally friendly mode of transport
- Zero emissions
- No fine dust pollution
- Comfortable, smooth ride
- Quiet mode of transport (no engine noise)

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Certificate in the scope of activity

Development and manufacture of electric motors,
the introduction and use of a quality system.
The ZDH-ZERT audit has proved that this quality system meets all requirements of the following standard: DIN EN ISO 9001

Download: pdfCertificate DIN EN ISO 9001

Top 100 seal for Schwarz - outstandingly innovative

Schwarz Elektromotoren is one of the most innovative medium-sized German companies /
Tribute by Ranga Yogeshwar

Success through entrepreneurial vision: At the German medium-sized business summit on 26th June 2015, Schwarz Elektromotoren GmbH was distinguished as one of the most innovative medium-sized German companies. “Top 100” mentor Ranga Yogeshwar honoured the company from Rehau with the “Top 100” seal, which has been awarded for over 20 years. Before this, Schwarz Elektromotoren underwent a two-stage academic analysis process.

In the “Top 100”, Schwarz Elektromotoren GmbH stood out particularly for its innovation strength and for the promotion of innovation by the top management. Since owner and Managing Director Markus Schwarz became independent with the company 15 years ago, he has developed one new product after another. With success: the “Top 100” company generated half of its turnover in 2014 with innovations and product optimisations, which it launched on the market ahead of the competition. Markus Schwarz generally works on the innovations himself – supported by three or four designers.

Sales of one of his newest developments, a battery-powered electric motor that works with virtually no wear and adjusts the wings of wind turbines, have now reached over 60,000. At eCarTec 2014 in Munich, the engineer presented his latest idea: the prototype of a water-cooled electric motor with integrated transmission.

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A little retrospection on the Hannover Messe 2015

Schwarz Elektromotoren has been present again. 6.500 exhibitors from more than 60 nations promoted their goods and services, so Hannover Messe is the largest industrial exhibition of the world. Figureheads has been interconnected production plants, intelligent robots an new automation solutions. The participation of foreign companies was as high as never befor. Every day national and international visiting teams came to our stand and have been introduced to our electric drives for electric mobility for water and for the streets.

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Schwarz is sponsor in motorsports

A racing car with electric drive have designed and built some students of Hof University within the framework of the international construction competition Formula Student.

Schwarz Electric Motors sponsored the racingteam "Hofspannung" with 2 new designed electric motors with together 170 PS für the electric racing car.

About 380 teams from 36 countries take part in Formula Student, a competition series in which students design a race car and then race it - under the conditions encountered by professionals.

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Snowmobile is going green

Worldwide premiere tour and grand opening fort the public: The snow mobile with electric motor "iCATPro13 ZE" is noiseless with zero emission – driven by an electric motor from Schwarz, Rehau. The capacity of the battery is enough for up to 55 km – enough for the work for one day. The electric motor has very much power (torque 97 Nm), max. speed 70 km/h. The experts are enthusiastic. Again a successfully electric motor development of Schwarz Elektromotoren.

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The iCATpro13 ZE is the most modern and most revolutionary snowmobile of its generation. It offers all the advantages of a modern work snowmobile with state-of-the-art technology.

Markus Schwarz is "Director 2015"

At the action of the radio station ANTENNE BAYERN "A holiday for Bavaria" Mr. Schwarz has connected and given its employees an additional holiday day, after 2015 many holiday days fall on weekends.

Messe sps ipc drive, Nuremberg 2014

Schwarz presented the diversity of its electric motors and attracted many interested visitors. Electric motors are indispensable in automation technology und are an important pillar fort he industry 4.0 

Guided company tour

25 interested visitors followed the ivitation of Verein Wirtschaftsregion Hochfranken e.V. (Economic Region Hochfranken) to a guided company tour in our production halls. They got insights in the complex technical interrelations around the electric motor and in the exciting story of our company.

Interview with Markus Schwarz at the eCarTec, Munich

"It's easy for drivers to convert their vehicles to electric motor drive. Gear and coupling stay in the cars and can still be used. We supply the electric motors and conversion kits – also water cooled!"


New: Powertrain, the watercooled electric motor

with gear and watercooled electronic. Schwarz presented an innovation at the eCarTec in Munich: Powertrain, the watercooled electric motor with gear for for electromobility: Compact drive for eCar: Inverter and motor water-cooled:

  • Compact drive for eCar: Inverter and motor water-cooled
  • With gear
  • Nominal power: 15 kW at 7000 minˉ¹
  • Max. power: 35 kW at 5160 minˉ¹
  • Max. torque: 84 Nm until 3470 minˉ¹
  • Voltage: 3 x 46 V (for 80 V DC)
  • Rotational speed acquisition: Encoder 2 x 64 impulses
  • Gear ratio: 8,47 : 1

IHK-Club for Innovation and for the Application of eMobility

of the metropoleregion Nuremberg/Northern Bavaria on our stand at the eCarTec, Munich 2014.


Impressions of the trade fair Windenergy, Hamburg, Sept. 2014

Many visitors were interested in the wide spread diversity of our electric motors - not only for the adjustment of the rotary blades in wind turbines.


We provide training: a cutting machine operator