Electric Snowmobile with electric motors by Schwarz

The electric snowmobile iCATpro13ZE Zero Emission was presentet at the winter sports centre and World Cup venue Klingenthal/Saxony and caused a stir among experts.

The iCATpro13 ZE is the most modern and most revolutionary snowmobile of its generation, purely electric. It offers all the advantages of a modern work snowmobile with state-of-the-art technology. Based on one of the largest chassis in the market the iCATpro13 ZE offers all the advantages of the ZeroEmmsison-Technology – Full Electric Power Drive.

This electric Motor was developed and manufactured by us. Our aim was to represent all the of the performance of a largevolume combustion engine. Also enormous pulling power of an electric motor with 97 Nm torque and acceleration values resulting from this. Do let enthuse you! The very deep main emphasis prevents critical driving situations much better compared to conventional vehicle with combustion engine with its high emphasis. All this at zero emission, noiseless. Also operating costs are reduced the factor of 10.


  • Chassis: Bearcat XT, crawler 520×3975, bridge and spikes: customer wish
  • Motor/Vmax: Max. power 97 Nm torque, effectiveness more than 90 %, Vmax 70 km/h speed reducted (speed reduction is programmable and free selectable
  • Battery: 12,5 kWh capacity, gesteuert mit BMS monitoring system for deepdischarge protection, charging control, Packheating
  • Reach: 55 km (standard conditiones)
  • Operating costs: 6,75 Euro/100 km (base 20 ct/ kWh electricity price)
  • Controller: max. power supply 72 kW, emergency program, battery protection program, error messages in plain text
  • Display: charge level indicator, speed, error messages in plain text, display lighting connectible, Displayheating allways on
  • Charging time: ca. 4 hours for 80%, 6 hours for 100%

Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 1Electric snowmobile zero emission
Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 8Electric snowmobile iCATpro13ZE Zero Emission
Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 3iCATpro13ZE at the World Cup venue Klingenthal
Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 11Snowmobile with Schwarz electric drive
Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 5Electric snowmobile at the Wwinter sports centre Klingenthal
Elektromotorschlitten Schwarz 121Electric Snowmobile

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